Network Repair
IT Solution Services provides network repair solutions for the company trying to keep up with IT trends, and securing their data integrity.

Network Repair & Migration

Maintenance Plans
Remote Backup Solution
Virtualization with VMware
Security Assessment and Implementation
Licensing compliance verification
Virus awareness and elimination

Examples of Recent solutions provided to customers

Remote Backup

Remote Backup solution provided to clients.

A few of our clients showed interest in an offsite backup solution for redundancy as well as security of their critical data. IT Solutions not only provided them a solution but made it an integral component of our company, The demand was there and we took the initiative and supplied it.
Laguna Seca

The Concorso Italliano in Laguna Seca.

Approached by the Concorso Italiano company in July of 2009, we were requested by their event coordinator to be available and coordinate with the Laguna Seca company in August of 2009, for electricity, phones and DSL. I discussed the needs for the period of time when they will be in town. I met with the people of Laguna Seca and followed up the arrangements started by the event coordinator for everything, Then I setup their equipment to satisfaction, testing thoroughly. Made myself available during the week of the event for emergencies, and happily everything went without a hitch. It was a wonderful event. Concorso Website